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But never in the history of mississippi has family had the impact it had on the record books as it did last season. It took three years of waiting for stubblefield to take the new mississippi record archery buck. The whitetailed deer odocoileus virginianus is the most popular game species in misissippi. From state harvest reports, i found that around 360,000 hunters took 2,000 total deer in 2014 and again in 2015, only a few deer off the alltime record in 20. It lists all typical bucks scoring over 160 inches and nontypical bucks exceeding 165 inches. The deer research program at mississippi state university began with the arrival of dr. I cant express enough about how important safety harnesses are. Mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries, and parks.

The 3,950 entries 74 percent of the record book total come from 41 states and 1,254 counties. Where the biggest booner bucks are coming from now deer. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record grand. These include documents traditionally recorded in deeds books and plat cabinets, such as deeds, deed of trust, authorities to cancel, plats, name change orders, and many other documents. Whitetailed deer mississippi state university extension. The mississippi 4h record program has been in existence for several years. Desoto deer tops magnolia records archery category. The inclusion of the hunting stories and photos of the trophies receiving awards makes the awards program records book a uniquely enjoyable book for the trophy hunter, while the alltime records book provides the definitive answers to questions regarding statistics for native north american big game. A hunter takes a giant trophy buck exotic axis deer in mississippi with south coast safaris.

I am trying to find records by county to see where he places. With increasing numbers of deer came more interest in trophyclass deer. As you turn the pages you will immediately recognize that not all deer entered in magnolia records are listed in this book. The deer ecology and management lab at mississippi state university. Tara has an outstanding record of hunting success with whitetailed deer bucks weighing over. But, little did he know just how big it would become, and that the program would publish its second book in 2014. Mississippi s 201011 deer season was one of the best on record, when it comes to trophy bucks, including several record book bucks that have been highlighted in. Nationally, the whitetailed deer population likely exceeds 30 million. Mississippi s best bucks the official records program of the state of mississippi on. We have launched a whitetail records app that includes all of the record book deer. Just in case you havent been totally consumed by buck fever yet, heres one last nudge to tip you all the way over the edge. Whitetail deer buck standing near the edge of a forest during rut. Both of the bucks mentioned above qualified for the boone and crockett club record book of north american big game. One unofficial score put the deer at 205 inches, which would make it the highest grossscoring typical on record in mississippi.

Two of the biggest deer recorded in walton county were killed over the last two years a 178. Have you ever wondered what the score was of the largest buck in your county. Just got an email that alabama whitetail record books are now online and the email said they were going to be updating their site so people could upload pictures and what not. Mississippi s best bucks, volume 2 is now available, and it features over 200 of the best deer scored. Big game records louisiana department of wildlife and. As a deer hunter, i read a lot about where to hunt big whitetail bucks. Hey all, i killed a buck with my bow the other day in laclede county.

Monster 217inch buck goes down in mississippi louisiana. Stephen tucker, 26, of gallatin attempted to shoot the trophy buck with a muzzleloader. Mississippi has produced some giant bucks and even a world record. Four of the countys 11 biggest deer were shot during the past five seasons. To date over 6,400 deer have been officially scored of which over 4,100 have met the. Deer killed in sumner county to be certified a world record. All whitetailed deer taken legally within mississippi during any prior hunting season are eligible to participate in the magnolia records program. The mrp listing provides an excellent basis for hunters who would like to know the best places to hunt mississippi s topoftheheap bucks record book deer. Please give us a call for any of your exotic or native hunting needs.

Razorback country is also great deer hunting country. Missouris impressive track record is laid out in black and white on the pages of the record books. Turns out the area around vicksburg, mississippi, is more than just an attraction for civil war history buffs. Mo records by county missouri whitetails your missouri. Kevin medlin didnt have time to think about such things as rewriting mississippi s archery record book when a. One buck per taras harvest criteria is allowed per 3day hunt.

Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record many hunters kill trophy deer each year, but very, very few manage to take bucks like these oneofakind monsters. Arkansas deer hunters have been tagging good numbers of record book bucks. The louisiana big game records program documents alltime record whitetailed deer and wild turkey harvested in the state that meet or exceed minimum antler or spur measurements, respectively, as well as deer and turkeys that meet minimum recognition requirements over a threeyear span. Incredibly, the years 19902001 account for 2,811 or 52 percent of the record book entries during this period. In addition to deer hunting, giles island offers alligator, dove, turkey, and. Mrp search mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries. Wisconsin is arguably one of the best states in the nation for chasing big whitetails. You must have measurements from a boone and crockett or ldwfcertified. Missouri big buck record book missouri whitetails your. The record mississippi typical hails from adams county, and was tagged by james. The top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time. Giles island offers a variety of hunting scenarios, from dense thickets to wide open fields. After the program lost national sponsorship, mississippi 4h recognized the importance of the record program and continued it with emphasis on building lifelong skills that will benefit young people throughout their lives. Mississippi bowhunting whitetailed deer archery only hunting.

Ms sportsman tells story of potential new mississippi. The minimum score for entry into the program is 125 for typical entries and 155 for nontypical antlers. All entrants meeting the minimum requirements of the magnolia records program will receive an official magnolia records program certificate. So many great stories of success and love form the fabric of each deer season. However, we dont quite know how the recent finding of chronic wasting disease cwd could affect their ranking in the future. Record book axis buck shot in mississippi hunting with. Kentucky is a onebuck state, but you can take as many antlerless deer as you like in zone 1 regions. Missouri big buck record book discussion in whitetails general started by skull stacker, nov 8, 2008. A possible world record whitetail deer was killed in sumner county on monday. We put together a countdown of the highestscoring whitetail buck ever killed according to boone and crockett records.

At over 7,500 deer officially scored and over 4,300 meeting the minimum qualifications, it was impossible to squeeze in everything and still share the. The buck was initially scored at 255 68 by a boone and crockett measurer, enough to make it the mississippi state record nontypical. Alabama whitetail records awr is now on your phone. Land records refer to those record series that may involve real estate. It not worth a trophy if youre not here to talk about it. Five undertheradar trophy whitetail counties whitetail. The first step was record book data from the boone and crockett club. The mission of the mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries, and parks is to conserve and enhance mississippi s wildlife, fisheries, and parks, provide quality outdoor recreation, and engage the public in natural resource conservation. Mississippi record book theres been some bigguns taken over there. We have been working on this for a long time and hope you will enjoy scrolling through the record books on. A closer look at mississippi s state record typical buck as mississippi farmer will rives headed out for an afternoon bowhunt on dec. With two broken worldrecord deer both netting over 300 inches, plus. Over the years, many record book deer have come from this great state.

American hunter top 10 states for monster whitetails. Ms sportsman tells story of potential new mississippi state record buck mississippi sportsman magazine has interviewed will rives and posted the story about shooting his massive 198 48 pope. The 47point deer stephen tucker killed in sumner was declared a pending world record monday. The magnolia whitetailed deer records program is the official scoring program for the state of mississippi. Here are the top six deer on record in mississippi by category. Marion county may not have produced many record book bucks yet, but the ones it has are near the top of the list. Has anybody every entered a big in the missouri big buck club. Mississippi state record alligator mount certified state record 14 10 long alligator at auction boone and crockett whitetail deer collection a portion of 108 record mounts bronze statues and record book mounts bronze art by renowned artists. Mississippi s best bucks the official records program of the state of mississippi. Register log in forums serious deer talk forum alabama state record buck.

All whitetailed deer taken legally within mississippi during any prior hunting. Compiled by the mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries and parks. Book features mississippis best bucks and the hunters who. Around 54 percent of the bucks killed in 20 were yearlings, however, and this combined with low temps and large amounts of snow earn wisconsin a spot on our list. When i left, i was walking out of the office and he said, youre going to shoot the biggest deer in. While mississippi might not make most shortlists of bigbuck states. Heath hodges won something akin to a big buck lottery on. A closer look at mississippis staterecord typical buck. Heath hodges of greenwood harvested this giant delta buck after. Deer whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record. All of those four are among the top 15 in the state in their respective category. Likewise, responsibility for the future of deer in iowa depends upon the cooperation of hunters and landowners, preservation of critical timber habitat, legislative support and continued professional management of the resource.

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